Ruud Commercial Financing

Secure More Customers with Commercial Financing

Ruud has partnered with Fernwood Capital & Leasing to offer Commercial KwikComfort® Financing allowing opportunities for contractors to offer commercial financing, to commercial owners and national accounts, with no contractor cost or recourse.

Applies to all equipment sold (HVAC, water heaters, boilers, generators, etc.) and allows the bundling of the full cost of the job (equipment, ductwork, installation, labor, extended warranty, etc.) into one convenient, affordable monthly payment. All contractors in good standing qualify to use the program. There is no application process, but you must enroll to use the program.

Commercial KwikComfort® Financing Equipment Finance Agreement Details:

 Minimum Transaction Size: $5,000
• Maximum Transaction Size: $3 million
• Term Range: 12 - 72 months
• Soft Cost Allowance (includes installation, wiring, plumbing, etc.): up to 50% of the total project cost
• Contractor Cost: $0
• Monthly Payments: Fixed
• Repayment Rate: Dependent on Credit Profile Range
• Commercial Customer Cost Due at Signing: 2 Monthly Payments
• Commercial Customer 1st Monthly Payment Deadline: Due month after the first 50% of financing is released
• Cancellation: Not Allowed, but existing agreement can be rolled into a new agreement

Contractors: Enroll Now

Note: By clicking the "Contractors: Enroll Now" button above, you agree that Rheem will share your personal data with its third party vendors for enrollment.
Important: Only Contractors can Enroll in the Program

Contractors who have been approved to offer Commercial KwikComfort® Financing will have the Commercial KwikComfort® icon beside their contact information on the Contractor Locator System at When a Commercial Customer clicks the icon, they will be taken to the Commercial Customer Brochure/Application.

Additional Information:

Program Guide

Customer Brochure

Contractor Brochure